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Posted by Donald G Dean on January 14, 2012 at 9:10 AM

Communication both with your self and with your partner.

Meaning we all tend to give love the way we would like to receive love.

If your a verbal person and your with someone that love you by telling you. You have a great match, but if your partner wants to hug you and touch you because that is how they show there love.

You end up not feeling very loved by that person, when if fact they love you greatly and are busy showing you in the way they give love.

Understanding your self gives you the tools needed to ask for what you need to feel love from the other person..

In turn you need to listen to the other person to do the same for them.

How your partner gives love may be how they need to receive love in order to feel loved by you.

Talk about it see what comes up for the both of you...

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