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Corporate Massage

lso known as seated massage. Is a style of massage work that is done at your office or at an event.

 Ten Reasons to take a “Refreshing Pause”


Our 15-minute seated massage produces high performance employees for companies demanding the best from their human resources. Progressive employers are purchasing treatments for their most treasured workers, or permitting employees to purchase them at their own expense.


1. High Utilization Rate:

 Most wellness programs appeal to only some employees, like those who need to stop smoking or lose weight. When a paid by the company, however, massage approaches 100% use rate.

 2. Massage Works For Everyone Without Practice:

 With massage, the less a client does, the better the experience they will have, and it does not require life changes, practice or training.

 3. It Produces Immediate Results:

 Unlike other wellness modalities with a lag time between initiation and effect, massage relaxes and invigorates immediately.

 4. Massage Builds Motivation To Change Behavior:

 Massage makes it easier to quit smoking, lose weight, exercise, or even change time management habits.

 5. It Helps Fulfill Our Minimum Tactile Requirement:

 Research shows that touch is necessary for maintaining physical and mental health.

 6. Massage Promotes Teamwork:

 Clients participate in a gentle, nurturing experience that encourages collaborations with colleagues.

 7. It Helps Those Who Need It Most:

 By those who need them least. Massage attracts everyone, even those experiencing cycles of decreasing health.

 8. Massage Is Fast:

 A coffee break, employees can receive a tune-up and return to work invigorated, motivated and more productive.

 9. It is Cost Effective:

 At only $15.oo a treatment, a refreshing pause is the affordable way to give energizing strokes to your hard working folks. In addition, it is a prudent alternative to expensive fitness centers that may be used by only 20% of your employees, or to spending thousands of dollars on workshops that teach stress reduction to the mind, but not the body.

 10. The Bottom Line:

 A refreshing pause contributes directly to the health of your bottom line by reducing sick days and health care costs; increasing productivity; and building morale and loyalty.


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